Ehson Fawad Nasir

PhD Students
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Research Interests

My research focuses on developing laser diagnostic techniques for combustion chemistry experiments. Diagnostics based on laser absorption have been developed for several chemical species such as CO, CO2, H2O, C2H2, C3H6 etc. Fast time resolution (microseconds) as well as high sensitivity (ppm) has been achieved through these diagnostics in high temperature/pressure environments.

The laser diagnostics have been applied to homogeneous, transient reactive systems such as shock tubes and rapid compression machines (RCM). Experiments with laser diagnostics have been used to determine the ignition delay times of fuels, fundamental reaction rate constants of important elementary reactions as well as temperature change due to heat release by fuel/air mixtures.

Selected Publications

  • Intra-pulse laser absorption sensor with cavity enhancement for oxidation experiments in a rapid compression machin... 
    E.F. Nasir and A. Farooq
    Optics Express, 26 (11), 14601-14609, (2018)
  • Time-resolved temperature measurements in a rapid compression machine using quantum cascade laser absorption in the... 
    E.F. Nasir and A. Farooq
    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (3), 4453-4460, , (2016)
  • A shock-tube study of the CO + OH reaction near the low-pressure limit 
    E.F. Nasir and A. Farooq 
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120 (22), 3924-3928, (2016)


PhD Mechanical Engineering, KAUST, Saudi Arabia (2018)
MS Mechanical Engineering, KAUST, Saudi Arabia (2014)
​BS Mechanical Engineering, GIK Institute, Pakistan (2012)

KAUST Affiliations

  • Clean Combustion Research Center
  • Chemical Kinetics and Laser Sensors Laboratory​