​Chemical Kinetics & Laser Sensors Laboratory has the following primary experimental facilities:
Shock tube
The KAUST low pressure shock tube is about 18 meters long and has an internal diameter of 14 cm. It can provide post-shock temperatures ranging from 500 - 4000 K and pressure over 1 - 20 bar. 
Shock tube parts
The KAUST high pressure shock tube is about 14 meters long and 4 inches in diameter. It can achieve post-shock pressures as high as 100 bar. 
Rapid compression machine (RCM) is used to simulate a single engine cycle of an internal combustion engine and allows the study of auto-ignition and chemical kinetics of fuel + air mixtures at low temperatures. 
​​A variety of in-situ optical diagnostics are used to measure species time-histories in the UV, visible, and infrared wavelength range. 
A custom-designed compact time of flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) has been acquired to couple with the shock tube for time-resolved measurements of species concentration.