Kyle Owen

Masters Student
Lab Scientist, Los Gatos Research, USA​​

Research Interests

Energy and the way it affects the environment is one of the biggest issues we face today in the world. I have been interested in this topic the last few years and in my research of the various energy options I have found that for many years we will still be relying heavily on fossil fuels. The big picture of what I want to do is to contribute to improving the combustion of fossil fuels so that we can use the fuel we have more efficiently and that it would burn cleaner so that we can protect the health of our fellow man and our planet.


My specific research here is in the area of laser diagnostics. The experimental techniques use lasers to analyze combustion gases. The data we obtain can be used to validate and improve combustion models.


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA, 2010
  • MS Mechanical Engineering, KAUST, Saudi Arabia, 2012

KAUST Affiliations

Clean Combustion Research Center
Department of Mechcanical Engineering