Prof. Bela Viskolcz visited KAUST

Prof. Bela Viskolcz visits KAUST


The Chemical Kinetics group was pleased to host Prof. Bela Viskolcz, professor of Chemistry, University of Szegad at the KAUST campus. He gave a talk on “Molecular Network” to the students of CCRC while he was here.

Prof. Bela Viskolcz is currently leading the Drug Discovery Research Center at the University of Szeged and focuses on using theoretical methods for creating innovations in drug discovery.

In his talk, he discussed how only 107 molecules are currently known but research shows that as many as 1070 molecules may exist. To find out which among the molecules can deliver the characteristics relevant to a certain problem, we need to generate a natural network of molecular structures.

He further explained how the bonding scheme of chemistry makes it possible to generate all possible structures, even the ultimate 1070 molecules. A network would then emerge, where molecular properties can be compared and studied.

Through this process, a systematic database containing chemical species with a given stoichiometry can be obtained. Several thermodynamic and physio-chemical as well as biological properties of the structures may be determined without carrying out the “real chemical synthesis”.