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  • Measurements of NH3 linestrengths and broadening coefficients in N2, O2, CO2 and H2O near 1103.46 cm-1

    K. Owen, E. Essebbar, A. Farooq*

    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 121, 56 – 68, (2013)

Ammonia, Linestrength, Collisional broadening coefficient, Voigt, Galatry
  • Temperature-dependent absorption cross-section measurements of 1-butene in VUV and

    I. R. E. Essebbar*, Y. Benilan, A. Farooq

    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 115, 1-12, (2013)

1-Butene, VUV spectra, IR spectra, Oscillator strength, Band strength, Enthalpy difference
  • A sensitivity study of the oxidation of compressed natural gas on Platinum

    J. Badra*, A.R. Masri, A. Farooq

    Fuel 113, 467-480, (2013)

Catalytic combustion, Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, Sensitivity analysis
  • Modeling of heating and evaporation of gasoline fuel droplets: A comparative analysis of approximations

    A. E. Elwardany*, S. S. Sazhin, A. Farooq

    Fuel 111, 643-647, (2013)

Gasoline fuel, Multi-component droplets, Gasoline surrogates, Heating, Evaporation
  • Collection of condensate water: Global potential and water quality impacts

    K. J. Loveless, A. Farooq*, N. Ghaffour

    Water Resources Management 27, 1351-1361, (2013)

Condensate water collection, Water scarcity, Water quality, Climate model, Air conditioning systems
  • Shock tube/laser absorption studies of the decomposition of methyl formate

    W. Ren*, K. Y. Lam, A. Farooq, D. F. Davidson, R. K. Hanson

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34, 453-461, (2013)

Methyl formate, Kinetics, Pyrolysis, Shock tube
  • Multi-species time-history measurements during high-temperature acetone and 2-butanone pyrolysis

    K. Y. Lam*, W. Ren, S. H. Pyun, A. Farooq, D. F. Davidson, R. K. Hanson

    Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 607-615, (2013)

Shock tube, Acetone, 2-Butanone, Laser absorption