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  • Ultra-fast and calibration-free temperature sensing in the intrapulse mode

    R. S. M. Chrystie*, E. F. Nasir, A. Farooq

    Optics Letters 39, 6620-6623, (2014)

Temperature Sensing, Intrapulse mode
  • Reaction rate constants of H-abstraction by OH from large ketones: Measurements and site-specific rate rules

    J. Badra, A. E. Elwardany, A. Farooq*

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 12183-12193, (2014)

H-abstraction, OH, Large Ketones
  • Quantitative mid-infrared spectra of allene and propyne from room to high temperatures

    E. Essebbar, A. Jolly, Y. Benilan, A. Farooq*

    Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 305, 10-16, (2014)​​

Allene, Propyne, Infrared Absorption Cross-Section, Integrated Intensities, FTIR
  • Intensities, broadening, and narrowing parameters in the v3 band of methane

    E. Essebbar*, A. Farooq

    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 149, 241-252, (2014)

Methane, Line intensities, Collisional broadening, Collisional narrowing, Difference-frequency-generation laser
  • Absorption cross-section measurements methane, ethane, ethylene and methanol at high temperatures

    M. Alrefae, E. Essebbar, A. Farooq*

    Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 303, 8-14, (2014)

Methane, Ethane, Ethylene, Methanol, Absorption cross-section, FTIR, HeNe laser
  • Measurements of linestrengths, N2-, Ar-, He- and self- broadening coefficients of acetylene in the n4 + n5 combination band using cw quantum cascade laser

    M. B. Sajid, E. Essebbar, A. Farooq*

    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 148, 1-12, (2014)

Acetylene, Linestrength, Collisional broadening, Infrared spectroscopy, Quantum cascade lasers
  • Site-specific rate constant measurements for primary and secondary H- and D- abstraction by OH radicals: Propane and n-butane

    J. Badra, E. F. Nasir, A. Farooq*

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118, 4652-4660, (2014)

OH Radicals, Propane, n-butane
  • A calibration free ammonia breath sensor using a quantum cascade laser with WMS 2f/1f 

    K. Owen, A. Farooq*

    Applied Physics B, 116, 371:383, (2014)

Quantum Cascade laser
  • Shock Tube Measurements of the Ignition Delay Times and Fuel + OH Reaction Rates of 2-Butanone and 3-Buten-2-one

    J. Badra, A. E. Elwardany, F. Khaled, S. Vasu, A. Farooq*

    Combustion and Flame, 16, 725-734, (2014)

Ketones, Ignition delay times, Shock tube, Reaction rates, Hydroxyl radical
  • Infrared cross-sections and absolute band intensities of propylene: Temperature dependent studies
    E. Essebbar, M. Alrefae, A. Farooq*
    Journal Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 133, 559 – 569, (2014)

Propylene, IR cross-section, Integrated band intensity, FTIR, DFG spectroscopy
  • Measurement of the rate of hydrogen peroxide thermal decomposition in a shock tube using quantum cascade laser absorption near 7.7 μm
    M. B. Sajid, E. Essebbar, T. Javed, C. Fittschen, A. Farooq*

    International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 46, 275 – 284, (2014)

Shock tube, Laser absorption
  • A comparative study of the chemical kinetics of methyl and ethyl propanoate

    A. Farooq*, D. F. Davidson, R. K. Hanson, C. K. Westbrook

    Fuel 134, 26-38, (2014)

Methyl propanoate, Ethyl propanoate, Biodiesel, Pyrolysis, Shock tube
  • A comprehensive combustion chemistry study of 2,5-dimethylhexane
    S. M. Sarathy*, T. Javed, F. Karsenty, A. Heufer, W. Wang, S. Park, A. Elwardany, A. Farooq, C. K. Westbrook, W. J. Pitz, M. A. Oehlschlaeger, G. Dayma, H. J. Curran, P. Dagaut

    Combustion and Flame 161, 1444-1459, (2014)

Chemical kinetic modeling, Shock tube, Jet stirred reactor, Rapid compression machine, Ignition delay, Branched hydrocarbons
  • Pyrolysis of Saudi Arabian date palm waste: A viable option for converting waste into wealth

    A. Hussain*, A. Farooq, M.I. Bassyouni, H. H. Sait, M. A. El-Wafa, S. W. Hasan, F. N. Ani

    Life Science Journal 11, 667-671, (2014)

Date Biomass Waste, Pyrolysis, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Fluidized Bed RIG, Energy Production