The following research areas are currently being pursued in our laboratory. Please follow the links for more information.​​​​


Shock tube
​​Shock tubes and rapid compression machine are used to study the ignition characteristics and chemical kinetics of a variety of fuels and fuel blends. ​
Transmission of laser light
​New laser-based sensors are being developed for in-situ measurements of various flowfield parameters such as species concentration, temperature, pressure, velocity, and mass flux. ​​
QC laser
The laboratory has a strong focus on the use of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) to design new sensors for sensitive detection of a number of species important in combustion, environment, and human breath. ​
Experimental and theoretical studies are carried out to measure fundamental spectroscopic quantities at high temperatures and pressures. 
Microwave generator
​Externally applied electric​ and magnetic fields can improve the combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. New methods are developed to understand the ion chemistry in these flames.