Mid-IR OPO Laser System

-     Laser Model: TOPTICA OPO (TOPO)

-     Description: A mid-infrared, continuous wave, singly resonant optical parametric oscillator. The OPO system consists of a distributed feedback diode laser (TOPTICA DFB pro BFY) and a fiber amplifier (FA), which produces 10 W of cw light. The output of the FA, referred to as the pump, is centered at λp = 1064 nm and was tunable by ∼ 4 nm (35 cm−1). Two beams are produced as a result of the OPO process, namely, a signal beam, tunable in the range 1450-2070 nm and an idler beam, tunable in the range 2190-4000 nm.

-    Applications:  The TOPO range is 1.45 - 4.00 μm. Most of combustion species have absorption spectra in that range, whether it is caused by the C-H stretching, C-O stretching, or N-H stretching modes.

-     Controlling/tuning method(s):  Motor position, crystal position, temperature, etalon angle.

-     Specifications:

Specification Value/type
Wavenumber coverage (cm-1) 2500 - 6900
Wavelength coverage (μm) 1.45 - 4
Mode-hop free? Yes
Pulse or cw? cw
Linewidth (MHz) 2
Maximum tuning speed 2 cm-1/min
Maximum power (W) 10

-   TOPO Setup: