Ultrafast Pulsed UV-VIS-IR Laser System

-     Laser Model: Spectra-Physics Tsunami 3950.

-     Description: Ti Sapphire laser system that pumps form 720 nm to 1020 nm after passing through Ti-Sapphire crystal pulsed laser, thereby blue and UV range light produced by frequency doubling, tripling and quadrupling.

-     Applications: This system can be used to detect phenyl radicals, allyl radicals.

-     Brief description of previous studies: The laser system was used to study phenyl recombination reaction and allyl+ allyl and allyl+ OH recombination reactions in shock tube.

-     Controlling/tuning method(s): Manual crystal tuning.

-     Specifications:

Specification Value/type
Wavelength coverage (nm) 700-1080 (Fundamental)
350-540 (SHG)*
233-360 (THG)*
175-270 (FHG)*
Pulse or cw? Pulsed
Maximum power (W) > 2.7

*Depending on the crystal availability

-     Tsunami 3960C-15HP Setup: